Character building- Mask making continues!


For most of today’s class students worked on painting their masks. Ana brought in some gold and silver paint which everyone was really excited about!

Some students started with the metallic paints as the main color for their masks.

Sam W got started with the silver paint right away.

Sam W then added more color to his mask.

Adam really enjoyed the metallic paints.

Rex used the silver paint for the "cybernetic" part of his mask.

Other students used the metallic colors as accents.

Nova began by outlining her mask with gold.

Nova started to fill in the center of her mask.

Kai used gold and silver to accent the features of his liger.

Alexis used gold to brighten the eyes of her cat mask.

Jasmine used the metallic paint along with other colors to design the surface of her mask.

Some students started to experiment with combining the metallic paint with other colors.

Rex painted gold over the red on his mask to create the look of fur.

Cyben added silver over the red paint on his mask which gave it a mechanical appearance.

Cyben was mixing a lot of different colors

Peggy discovered that if she mixed red paint with gold, it made copper!

Here are a few of the finished pieces

Callae's wolf mask. Callae layered many different colors of paint to build up the surface of her mask to look like fur.

Callae starting the second layer of gray.

Talia's finished mask

Peggy's finished mask

At the end of class we had everyone set up their work on a table so that we all could see the masks.

Alice asked students to describe what they saw in the masks.

Everyone wanted to share something about a mask. It was an engaging conversation!

When students were finished painting, they worked on further developing their mask characters. We heard a lot of imaginative stories about where these creatures live and how they interact with their environments. Next week students will be interviewing each other to learn more about these fascinating creatures!

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