Character Building- Interviews and Intro to Habitat


Alice began class today by discussing everything that was going to happen during the course of the day. We had some students absent last week, and they needed to play catch-up so a small painting station was set up just for them. Other students were ready to write more about their characters, to solidify their thoughts and ideas about their characters. More importantly, Alice introduced the concept of portfolios! Every student was given a special folder that will hold their artwork, sketches, and brainstorming activities as they move along!


With his mask nearby, Cyben is refining his brainstorming and writing out the characteristics, abilities, and behaviors of his character!

Today, we were wrapping up the character building segment of our unit, which meant one thing: interviews! Students were broken up into groups of three, and with guiding interview questions were asked to interview one another about their characters! The whole class has been working very hard on the development of their characters and today was their time to shine!

One student was given the role of interviewer, a second student was interviewee and the third person had the role of “time keeper” to make sure we wouldn’t go over four minutes per interview. After one character was interviewed, they had the opportunity to rotate within the group and take on another role.

Finished Character Masks

Nine completed character masks! CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW SLIDESHOW!

While students were interviewing, the students in the classroom were doing a variety of brainstorming activities. One, they were continuing the written brainstorming activity- which described the personality and behaviors of the character as well as their environment- and some actually spent the majority of the time writing! Alice also introduced the concept of collage. Bringing in magazines, the students were able to pull images that described their characters and the habitat that they live in.

Peggy's Developing Collage

Peggy found some great images to go with her character's habitat! She was looking for images of China and Asian scenery.

Sam W.'s Collage

Sam W. picking images for all of the homes for his nomadic character, Bob

Busy Table

Nova, Talia, Alexis and Jasmine working hard, searching through images in magazines!

We only got through a handful of interviews, and will continue them during our next lesson. Overall, it was a great day to get gears turning in the mind as well as completing thoughts on character and character development.

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