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Nov. 11-The Community Island Project


Today, Ana had a dynamic presentation to show the students. It contained a short musical cartoon about the meaning of the word symbiosis and another short animation outlining what their next project was.  After working individually on their projects, The students will now be grouped into teams to create an island habitat. This means each partner will need to be able to share their ideas and skills and work cooperatively with their partner. The students greeted this idea with alot of enthusiasm and energy.

Some students preferred to work out their ideas on paper first.

Audrey and Mira proudly show off their community island ideas.

Talia and Nova discussing ideas for their shared project

Detail of Nova and Talia brainstorming sheet.

While other students preferred to start constructing their island community habitats right away.

Cyben and Rune adding some topographic details to their piece of the island.

Callae and Sam A. decided to incorporate their collages into the island project. Note that they also constructed a bridge that connects their island to the island that Rex will be working on.

Alexis' and Jasmine's habitat is already filled with carefully constructed items. In the background on the right you can see part of Peggy's wall construction.

Detail of Jasmine's and Alexis' habitat.

Detail of Jalen's hole and hatch. It is being incorporated into the piece of the island that he is working on with Adam.

One of the busiest places in the classroom was the hot glue station. The students regarded all the safety rules while intently building their island habitats.

The construction crew at the hot glue station. That's Sam W. and his house on the right.


Josh and Andre working together on their constructions.


Kai building at the hot glue station


Next week it will be fun to see how all these island habitats fit together into one big island community!

Understanding Setting through Creating Habitat Collages


To further develop their understanding of their mask character the class continued to work on their characters’ habitat. Through making these collages the students should be able to convey where and how their mask characters live. Ana discussed that when creating the collage a person looking at it should be able to understand important information about these mask characters. For instance, does a mask character like to live by the water, to fly, survive where it’s hot or cold, prefer to live high up in a forest or a mountain. What does your mask character like to eat and drink? Does your mask character have any friends?

Audrey just began her collage. But you can already tell what a warm and friendly environment her mask character inhabits

Talia's mask

Talia's mask would feel right at home in the aquatic habitat that she created for it.

Cyben wanted to convey so much information about his character's habitat that he used 7 sheets of paper!

 Some students also chose to create mixed media collages-which means that besides using paper, they could paint and draw onto their collages as well.

By Adam's smile you can tell he is proud of how he combined his drawings with his magazine images for his collage.

Mira chose to highlight her collage with painted details, and construction paper combined with magazine images. Because of the contrast between the paper and the images, the eyes really stand out for great effect.

Also this week the students were given the option to create their habitats in 3-D using cardboard. Some students chose to combine their 2-D collages with 3-D elements.

Peggy chose to highlight the food her mask character ate by mounting the grape image on cardboard. Her collage also demonstrates a good understanding of foreground and background

Callae also chose to incorporate a 3-D dwelling into her drawing of her mask character's habitat.

Some students chose to construct their mask character’s habitat entirely in 3-D.

Josh beginning to paint his volcano. Underneath the sheets of paper is a cardboard infrastructure.


Josh's fully painted volcano. He really worked hard creating his 3-D habitat-both inside and out.

Sam A. skillfully created a collage using a 3-D structure in the foreground and a very detailed 2-D collage in the background.


 The students really rose to the challenge of exploring a new material by displaying creativity and innovation.



Today the class continued developing the habitats for their mask creatures. Last week Alice introduced collage making as a way to explore habitats. Today students spent most of the class finding and creating pictures that best fit their ideas of where their mask characters live. We had a few more interviews to do today, a couple students were finishing painting and many collages were made.

Rex, Nova, and Sam A. displaying their masks during the interviews.

Audrey and Kai finished painting their masks today

Sam A. found many images of space to illustrate the habitat of his character.

Callae kept her mask nearby as she worked on her habitat collage.

Talia found a lot of ocean images that worked well for her idea.

In addition to habitat, Alice suggested that students search for  images that would reveal more information about their characters; like the kinds of food they eat.  A few students really liked this idea.

Andre's charcater eats everything from hamburgers to granola bars.

Callae's character is a carnavore.

Alice introduced the idea of mixed media collage to the class today.  She showed examples that included paper and paint in collages.

Mira combined magazine images with construction paper to create her eyeball marsh.

Rune created a forrest from pieces of consrtuction paper.

Josh made a volcano using layers of construction paper.

Next week we will finish collages and record a few more interviews!