Today the class continued developing the habitats for their mask creatures. Last week Alice introduced collage making as a way to explore habitats. Today students spent most of the class finding and creating pictures that best fit their ideas of where their mask characters live. We had a few more interviews to do today, a couple students were finishing painting and many collages were made.

Rex, Nova, and Sam A. displaying their masks during the interviews.

Audrey and Kai finished painting their masks today

Sam A. found many images of space to illustrate the habitat of his character.

Callae kept her mask nearby as she worked on her habitat collage.

Talia found a lot of ocean images that worked well for her idea.

In addition to habitat, Alice suggested that students search for  images that would reveal more information about their characters; like the kinds of food they eat.  A few students really liked this idea.

Andre's charcater eats everything from hamburgers to granola bars.

Callae's character is a carnavore.

Alice introduced the idea of mixed media collage to the class today.  She showed examples that included paper and paint in collages.

Mira combined magazine images with construction paper to create her eyeball marsh.

Rune created a forrest from pieces of consrtuction paper.

Josh made a volcano using layers of construction paper.

Next week we will finish collages and record a few more interviews!

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