In our class, our students will deepen their understanding of the components of story building, and its connection with art. Character development, setting, plot, and story progression are all elements they will explore through a visual context. The students will be able to explore story telling by learning about the art of other cultures that will reinforce these elements. Then, the children will create their own stories.

The teachers for this lesson will be Ana Fremaint, Alice Fernandes-Brown, and Naomi Elting- all CSU students studying Art Education. We all have a passion for art and come from very different artistic backgrounds. We want our classroom to be fun and exciting, as well as a place to explore and learn. We hope that by the end of our unit, our students will be able to understand the narrative and expressive qualities of art.

I’m Ana, and I was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. I moved to Fort Collins when I was just a baby and have lived here almost my whole life. I have always loved to create- drawing and painting being my passions. It wasn’t until I went to CSU that I discovered and fell in love with fiber art. I enjoy fabric in the surprising, expressive qualities it possesses. Color, patterns, garments and quilts can all tell a story in very different ways, and has recently become my latest fascination. I like trying new things with my art, and I enjoy pushing it to levels that may be unexpected.

My name is Naomi and I’m from Colorado. I have been making art for most of my life. I love working with clay because it has the ability to take any shape or form. One of my favorite places to spend my time is in the pottery studio on campus. I am excited to have this opportunity to work with students at the lab school. I believe that all children have the potential to make anything that they set their minds to; all they need is encouragement.

Hi, I’m Alice and I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. I graduated from  School of Visual Arts with a BFA. For  a long time I enjoyed my job as a book designer. However when my family moved to New Jersey and my daughter started school I realized that I wanted to become an Art Teacher. Since I enjoy everything about art. Looking at it, making it and talking about it. But most of all I really enjoy helping other people to create it. So that’s why I’m here, attending CSU to do just that.

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